Blind and Severe Visual Impairments

Screen reading for all aspects of computer use may be the main access technology used, and it is important to remember navigational control may be via keyboard rather than the mouse when using a desktop or laptop computer.  Alternative information is required where multimedia, such as images, animation or videos are offered. Links to other areas need to have good labels and make sense when divorced from their web page. Layout, tables and forms also need to remain readable when the framework for the website is removed such as a style sheet. Native HTML elements have built-in keyboard accessibility, roles and states but this is not always the case with ARIA, so always try to test with actual assistive technologies. Further advice from WebAim.

Top Ten Products

Products that score best in the Relevant Tests for this disability.
Product Last Review Score
Blio 3.3 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6) 96%
iBooks 2.1.1 for iPad 1 (iOS 5.1.1) 95%
digg 90%
Drupal 89%
Gmail 89%
Microsoft OneDrive (was Live SkyDrive) 89%
Netcipia 89%
Khan Academy 89%
Moodle 89%
mynoteIT 89%