Welcome to Web2Access

This resource aims to help those making decisions about the digital accessibility of interactive websites and online web applications. To explore the types of barriers that may be encountered by those who have physical, sensory and cognitive impairments.


The review has a series of automated and manual checks that can be carried out with a series of web pages. The best review is one where both systems are used as the automated process will generate an editable Accessibility Statement that can be enhanced by the manual review.

Our Tests

The ratings provided are subjective, although they are based on the use of manual and automatic checks as discussed on the Test pages. The ability to browse by Disability is also based on the checks they passed.

Further Links and Resources are provided with examples of how some techniques are used when evaluating a website.

About the Project

Web2Access was initially a JISC-funded project, with support from JISC TechDis. Subsequently the project received assistance from the University of Southampton Student Centredness Fund

The project was developed as the result of work originally undertaken by the ECS Accessibility Team and students, as members of the Web and Internet Science Research Group at the University of Southampton.