Review of Blio 3.3 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6)

Blio 3.3 for iPad (iOS 5 and 6) Reviewed 12 Aug 2012 · Average score 93%


Blio is accessible in the fixed format layout and as long as images have alt tags they can be read by Voiceover.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Built in accessibility checks 67% Most of the iPad built in accessibility features works well with Blio, in particular Voiceover.
2 Application works with External Assistive Technologies 100% TTS is provided but is reliant on a DRM and copyright free eBooks.
3 Text or other alternatives for image elements. 100% The eReader does support an internal list of available ebooks that is accessible. The iPad 1 has a full colour display.
4 Keyboard / Alternative input with focus 100% Keyboard and gestural input uses focus. Crossover from OS to app to ebook is possible via focus.
5 Labels for objects, fields or controls 100% All elements can can be read by Voiceover.
6 Audio alerts have visual cues 67% The iPad 1 only provides the means to change from left to right speaker output.
7 Alternatives for Video / Animation 100% Video is currently unavailable for eBooks.
8 Media events offer user control 100% Media Events are currently unavailable for eBooks.
9 Textual Information for screen reader 100% Voiceover is able to recognise all text available on the screen, whether in a menu or from content.
10 Keyboard shortcut keys offered 100% No keyboard shortcuts exist on the iPad, but there are gestural shortcuts available via the touch interface, alongside ebook shortcuts, to go to contents for example.
11 Save user preferences for style and zoom 100% All user accessibility preferences can be saved, including style and zoom.
12 Timed events can be altered 100% Timed events are currently not available for eBooks.
13 Change colours and contrast 67% Whilst contrast can be altered using the built in AT, it is not possible to change font and background colours in-app.
14 Uniform and standardised presentation 100% The MAC interface has a very established and well defined presentation.
15 Documentation 100% Not only is help documentation available, it is also accessible with alt format output options available - ie. a braille display.