Review of PBworks (PBwiki)

PBworks (PBwiki) Reviewed 10 Aug 2009 · Average score 55%


The output from this wiki is good but sadly the editor used does not allow for keyboard access and is not screen reader accessible. A text browser does not even show a link for editing the main area. However for text to speech applications access is good and colours can be changed along with font sizes and types.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible 67% Forms lacked labels although some screen readers would be able to access the text boxes as they were in the correct order.
2 Image ALT Attributes 67% Many images are CSS backgrounds with supporting texts which means there are no problems in text browser and the screen reader will not even be aware of the images used.
3 Link Target Definitions 100% There were no problems with links.
4 Frame Titles and Layout 100% No frames in place.
5 Removal of Stylesheet 33% Problems exist because the site uses a table layout.
6 Audio/Video Features 33% This depends on the use of embedded YouTube video player and use of alt tags with added graphics etc.
7 Video/animations - audio descriptions 33% This depends on the use of embedded YouTube video player and use of audio descriptions within the original videos.
8 Appropriate use of Tables 0% Tables are used for layout which is detrimental to linear navigation.
9 Tab Orderings Correct and Logical 100% Tab order goes through the tables from top down and then across the page.
10 Page Functionality with Keyboard 33% Keyboard access was possible until you had to use the rich text editor when there was no way to reach the menus.
11 Accessibility of Text Editors 0% The rich text editor did not allow for keyboard only access. Javascript is used and the form cannot be seen in a text browser.
12 Appropriate Feedback with Forms 0% The feedback was not helpful as it appeared in one sentence with a long list of possible errors.
13 Contrast and Colour Check 100% There were no problems with the standard colours.
14 Page Integrity when Zooming 100% Zooming was good on the basic site.
15 Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability 67% This was good on the main site but some of the help files or tips were rather faint and small.