Deaf/Hard of Hearing

For those who are deaf, English may not be the primary language; it may be British Sign Language. Readability and text layout are important accessibility factors, as are the provision of alternatives for multimedia content with captioning, subtitles and text transcriptions. The use of meaningful graphics and clear headings can also be helpful. Further advice from the Paciello Group on Sounding out the web: accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Relevant Tests

Tests that contribute to accessibility scores for this disability.

Top Ten Products

Products that score best in the Relevant Tests for this disability.
Product Last Review Score
Anobii 100% 100%
epub reader firefox add on 100%
Gmail 100%
Google Reader 100%
Google Scholar 100%
Google Search 100%
Khan Academy 100%
Microsoft OneDrive (was Live SkyDrive) 100%
Moodle 100%