Discussion Forums / Questions and Answers (Q&A)

This is where individuals can come together in an online area to discuss topics of interest. Questions can be asked and there is the option for multiple replies to a single thread. The user has to go to the forum for the news rather than on a mailing list where the discussion may be received via email. Discussion forums tend to be set up by companies and are often used for answering queries so Answer.com might be considered a Q&A discussion forum and it is possible to set up your own discussion forum on a service like Google Groups.

Product Last Review Score
mynoteIT 91%
Moodle 86%
Epernicus 82%
Answers.com 80%
LinkedIn 75%
Writeboard - Discontinued 75%
Ning 71%
Edmodo 64%
Cafemom 62%
FriendFeed 60%
Facebook 57%
Google+ 55%
PBworks (PBwiki) 55%