Review of Stanza 3.2 for iPhone 4.0

Stanza 3.2 for iPhone 4.0 Reviewed 03 Sep 2012 · Average score 86%


Stanza has numerous options for changing the look and feel of a book. VoiceOver works well in continuous mode and the Zoom feature is good in normal mode. It is good for taking in many different formats and just a shame that 'Speak selection' is not possible.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Built in accessibility checks 100% The iPhone has built in Zoom and VoiceOver and both work well with all elements on the app.
2 Application works with External Assistive Technologies 67% There are no external assistive technologies on offer for Stanza such as voice or zoom and books that are protected will not work with VoiceOver unless they can be converted.
3 Text or other alternatives for image elements. 67% Icon images on menus are read by VoiceOver but those images in the books tested did not appear to be read out aloud.
4 Keyboard / Alternative input with focus 67% There is only gesture access on the iPhone but some gestures seemed to be a little problematical when VoiceOver was enabled. There is no touch and read as VoiceOver only seemed to read continuously without page turning.
5 Labels for objects, fields or controls 100% Buttons are well labelled so navigating menu items is easy although the settings button is read as gear icon on the home page.
6 Audio alerts have visual cues 100% There are no audio elements in this ebook reader but when VoiceOver is enabled the page position bar is accurately read aloud. Sound alerts can be changed under the accessibility options.
7 Alternatives for Video / Animation 100% Video and animation were not used in the ebooks tested.
8 Media events offer user control 100% Controls are read aloud via VoiceOver and can be controlled via touch. There were no controls within the ebooks tested.
9 Textual Information for screen reader 67% The menus are accessible and books can be read in a continuous stream with tap to stop and start but the lack of choice for reading sections is a limitation.
10 Keyboard shortcut keys offered 100% Shortcut keys and use of the keyboard is limited to external input via bluetooth. Gestures and taps are explained under the help for accessibility and these do change when VoiceOver is enabled.
11 Save user preferences for style and zoom 100% Stanza has a very helpful collection of themes and works well with zoom.
12 Timed events can be altered 100% There are no timed elements although the iPhone screen will dim and the hibernate and the VoiceOver user is warned.
13 Change colours and contrast 100% Quick access to high contrast mode is available within the app as are a series of other coloured backgrounds for accessible ebooks.
14 Uniform and standardised presentation 100% The ebook app follows standardised iPhone look and feel.
15 Documentation 33% Once the app is downloaded there is a Welcome to Stanza help file. There are also plenty of forums with help for users of Stanza and videos online but simple one page guide.