Review of digg

digg Reviewed 09 Aug 2012 · Average score 95%


This is an easy to use site with a Facebook login and simple text editor submission of links. The pictures come from other sites but are described through the titles and comments are listed below. Each time to link to an item it opens a new window. There may be changes to the site - BBC news on 13th July 2012 <a href="">'Digg to be merged with daily briefing service'</a>

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible 100% Sign in is via Facebook which is now accessible and authorisation worked well using NVDA and Firefox with keyboard access.
2 Image ALT Attributes 67% Images are collected from other websites and lack alt image tags so the graphic file name is read out by NVDA when using Firefox. However the titles of the sections explain what is being viewed so does not impact on the understanding of content.
3 Link Target Definitions 67% The majority of the links are based on the title of the articles collected and are well explained. The website links are on the whole self-explanatory.
4 Frame Titles and Layout 100% Frames are not used on this site.
5 Removal of Stylesheet 100% The site linearises well and can be navigated without a style sheet.
6 Audio/Video Features 100% The site does not have videos or audio but may link to other sites with these features.
7 Video/animations - audio descriptions 100% The site does not have videos or audio but may link to other sites with these features.
8 Appropriate use of Tables 100% There are no tables used for display purposes.
9 Tab Orderings Correct and Logical 100% Keyboard navigation is good and appears to be in logical order. There is no site map or skip navigation but the collection is seen on one page and the menu system is repeated at the bottom of the page.
10 Page Functionality with Keyboard 100% Keyboard navigation appears to be good with the main browsers.
11 Accessibility of Text Editors 100% There is no rich text editors and messages are sent via a simple text box.
12 Appropriate Feedback with Forms 100% The user feedback is good and automatically sends the user back to the correct page.
13 Contrast and Colour Check 100% The page has good colour contrast with black text on white background with bold text for headings.
14 Page Integrity when Zooming 100% Zooming is good and layout remains constant. The site is easy to read.
15 Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability 100% Text size is appropriate and sans serif is used throughout.