Review of Reviewed 29 Dec 2009 · Average score 80%

Summary is a well structured web page with clear defined links. Except for the login and signup functionality, the page can be easily read by screen readers. It seems a shame to have failed at the outset on this aspect as the site uses logical tab order and the content is comfortable to read. The general functionality of the pages is good and this is considered important for this kind of web service with so much information.

Detailed Results

# Test Outcome Notes
1 Login, Signup and Other Forms Accessible 33% It is possible to use the tab key to tab around site and reach most forms. However, the forms lack labels and are not accessible to NVDA although they are visible in Webbie text browser.
2 Image ALT Attributes 67% Acceptable alternative text throughout although there are section graphics that have no text they are not important for the purposes of content reading. NVDA appears to ignore them.
3 Link Target Definitions 67% Most links are fully appropriate, used throughout the site plus alternative navigation element. There are some repetitions such as 'answer it' which are not helpful unless read beside the question - in isolation they can cause screen reader users a probl
4 Frame Titles and Layout 100% No frames or iframes used for design.
5 Removal of Stylesheet 67% Page is fully navigable but not fully functional due to its length and extensive links without a sense of their meaning within the usual layout.
6 Audio/Video Features 100% No audio/video features used.
7 Video/animations - audio descriptions 100% No audio/video features used.
8 Appropriate use of Tables 100% Page layout does not use tables and/or headered tables are used to present data.
9 Tab Orderings Correct and Logical 100% Logical tab order when using a keyboard with left to right orientation and direct access to search and main questions.
10 Page Functionality with Keyboard 67% Some features require mouse use such as features found just below the iframe offering links to print the page etc. Otherwise most features can be reached with the keyboard.
11 Accessibility of Text Editors 67% The editor is accessible using a screen reader and keyboard. The toolbar of the rich text editor can be accessed with screen reader and the links to the features for making text bold etc are visible in Webbie text browser but they are not easy to use in g
12 Appropriate Feedback with Forms 100% Appropriate feedback, the user is directed to what they should do next.
13 Contrast and Colour Check 67% Some non-critical text is not very comfortable to read but can be changed with the use of browser accessibility options.
14 Page Integrity when Zooming 67% Page is affected on zoom out with a considerable amount of scrolling, but remains readable.
15 Text size, style, blinking elements and Readability 100% Regular font size throughout and reasonable layout.