14 · Page Integrity when Zooming

Web 2.0 Services

Most browsers allow text and images to be enlarged through a zoom feature or text-resize. This has become more and more useful as web developers appear to be reducing the general size of fonts used which can affect those with visual acuity difficulties and older people. Zooming can improve readability but there are times when it also affects the layout of websites.

Outcomes and Scores

This test has 4 possible outcomes.

Outcome Score
Layout and readability maintained when zooming. 100%
Minor layout problems; site is otherwise readable when zoom reaches 200% 67%
Layout changes impairs readability when zoom has not even reached 200%. 33%
Content of site is not usable when magnified. Page content does not zoom using browser tools. 0%


The results of this test are taken into account when calculating accessibility scores for the following disabilities.


The following technique may come in handy when running this test.


This test aims to cover the following section of best practice.

Document Section Heading
WCAG 2.1 1.4 Distinguishable More Info