13 · Contrast and Colour Check

Web 2.0 Services

It is important for everyone to have an enjoyable experience when reading web sites and content should have good levels of colour contrast and no distracting elements. Symbols and other items that are important for navigation can be provided in various colours, but should have other obvious differences to help those with colour deficiencies (colour blindness).

Outcomes and Scores

This test has 4 possible outcomes.

Outcome Score
Site contrast is acceptable with good colour differentiation and symbols have different shapes. 100%
Site colour contrast and colour differentiation adequate but some non-critical text in bizarre fonts or not comfortable to read. 67%
Generally adequate contrast, some non-critical text difficult to read and some symbols have poor colour differentiation. 33%
Poor contrast making critical text difficult to read OR colour used as the sole conveyance of information. 0%


The results of this test are taken into account when calculating accessibility scores for the following disabilities.


The following technique may come in handy when running this test.


This test aims to cover the following sections of best practice.

Document Section Heading
WCAG 2.1 1.4 Distinguishable More Info
WCAG 2.1 1.4.1 Use of Color More Info